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there’s not really any reason to subscribe. in fact i’m pretty sure most people don’t even read most of the emails that appear in their inbox. but if you need a reminder that life is strange and that vulnerability is good (sometimes) and that the sun will rise again, maybe this is for you. or maybe save it for a bad day—for when everything is awful and nothing seems right. i’m personally pretty okay at accepting it, but i know most people aren’t. so when you’re in a weird funk, maybe this can be your anchor.

some things about me: i’m a fan of journaling with all lower-case letters, for no reason other than that it looks nice. but also because sometimes i’m too tired to hold shift, and because just like when i journal, there’s no time to stop for what works out grammatically. some of my sentences are sloppy. sometimes there are misplaced commas. sometimes, i don’t know.

subscribe, grab a blanket (or a pillow), and start reading. bonus: you can log these letters in your reading log, if you want.

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